Monday, April 12, 2010


Screen printed poster for exhibition of public art ideas at Bumbershoot 1996:

25th Anniversary Fremont Fair poster (1996):

Two part Bumbershoot poster:

This also appeared as a single image measuring 72" high by 24" wide.
This poster was done in collaboration with graphic designer Art Chantry.

Seattle International Film Festival 1990:

Six color serigraph.Parts of this poster glow in the dark.
Graphic designer: Phil Kovacevich

Seattle Goodwill Film Festival poster:


Created for Northwest Art Exposition 1988:

Limited edition Serigraph (18 colors).

This was also printed as a 6 color poster. Both were overprinted with phosphorescent ink so that in the dark the lights of the city, the space ship, the airplane and the ferry are reflected in the water.

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  1. wow Carl...very soviet when soviets were the real thing.