Monday, February 28, 2011

On Sight: A Cultural Plan for Tacoma

On Sight, A Cultural Plan for Tacoma, was a large magazine format  with a color glossy cover.
In 1992, I was asked by graphic designer Julia Field to create illustrations for the Cultural Plan for Tacoma.  This was a unique project in that Julia and I attended planning meetings for the plan and over the course of several months the illustrations and look for the document were developed along with the writing.  It was an excellent process, and the resulting publication was quite impressive.

This piece was done for the section on individual artists.
This is an illustration for the Arts and Cultural Section.
An illustration of a cultural map for the section on Neighborhood and Cultural Identity
Flying tickets for the Marketing and Cultural Tourism section
"Artistic risks can be taken with the support of a financial safety net,"  from the section on Cultural Organizations.
From the section on Neighborhood and Cultural Identity.
From the section Arts and Cultural Education.
A "live/work space" for the section on Individual Artists.

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