Friday, February 11, 2011


"Vanity" leaves the studio at dawn after the usual all-nighter.
During the 90s my work occasionally appeared in Re-Bar, or on a Re-Bar float in Seattle's Gay Pride Parade.  Sometimes it was the remains of a previous installation, as with the exotic fruits from "A Fool's Paradise," or my Wind Puppets.  Other times I collaborated with Steve Wells and crew to produce parade floats.  I later created a stage set for "Pirates of Lesbos," one of the many theatrical productions that Re-Bar hosted.  I also worked on some of the numerous benefits that were put on there, including one for Babes and one for Reflex entitled "Mirror Mirror Off the Wall."

Ready for the parade.

Strange Bedfellows are ready for the ride.
Strange Bedfellows was a Wells brothers production in 1995.  After another all-nighter, Steve talked me into joining the bedfellows.  He had to race me home to grab my outfit and big wig.  Yes that's me in the blue.  It was great fun, and I even made the evening news!

After the parade, Strange Bedfellows moved to Fremont to be part of "A miracle on 34th Street, a celebration of life through miniature golf."  The event was a fund raiser for the Northwest AIDS Foundation and Rise n' Shine programs for children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS.
Strange Bedfellows set up on 34th Street.
As I recall, you had to hit the ball through the slipper.

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