Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bumbershoot 1990: Eden II

Eden II entry screen

Eden II: A Garden for the Post-Natural World was conceived by artist Lorna Jordan, performance artist Susy Schneider and myself for Bumbershoot, Seattle's arts festival, in 1990. We brought in Michael Ehle to paint backdrops, and I worked with my long time friend and artist Mike Freeman. This theatrical installation depicted a post natural garden made from recycled cast offs, and was a stage set for Susy to create a character who would bring it all to life for Bumbershoot audiences. Lorna created a computerized mechanical 'container garden' and Mike and I cobbled together a vast array of derelict materials that had been left behind by the former resident of his newly acquired property. The installation had interactive features where audience members could activate lights, sound and motion in the junk yard plants.

Installation views

"Flower Bed"

Susy entertains visiters.

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