Friday, January 7, 2011

Wind Puppets

In 1988, I proposed an installation for Bumbershoot (Seattle's Arts Festival) to be sited at the Seattle Center Flag Plaza, a leftover from the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair where the 50 State Flags were flown. The Flag Plaza and Pavilion have since been replaced. For this installation I created 50 "Wind Puppets" from dyed nylon which I printed using paper stencils allowing quick manipulation and making each piece unique. The graphics were based on a previous exhibit of building forms, but here I made them figurative with crazy heads and male genitalia. For me they had become corporate high rise monsters... a whole flock of them. For the revelers at Bumbershoot they were an amusing colorful wind-animated display.

After Bumbershoot, the Wind Puppets were exhibited at The Bellevue Art Museum, the Spokane Art School, the Mercer Island High School Gallery and at ReBar (where I frequently made creative appearances).

Wind Puppets were animated with fans at the Mercer Island High School Gallery

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