Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SMOOL T-Shirts

This logo-label was printed on the back of each shirt

In 1988 I traveled to L.A., New York and San Francisco with samples of T-shirts that I had developed with Fine Print Studios (later called Post Industrial Press), a Tacoma screen printing company that had printed some of my posters. In each city I found a rep and we launched the Smool T-shirt line. The timing was good as artist designed t-shirts had become popular. Much of my t-shirt work was inspired by "El Dia de los Muertos", Mexico's Day of the Dead. Here are some of the designs.

No Evil

Skeleton World

Three Pigs

A number of people have suggested that I re-release the Three Pigs design for its recent decadent relevance.

The Corporate Heads design was later used to advertise a concert by the Grateful Dead.

Skeleton Band

Dancing Skeletons

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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